Made-to-Order Armour Designs

Some standard designs will always be offered, while others will periodically be removed from the list to bring a new design into standard availability. All standard designs are mild steel and custom built to your measurements. They are available with a variety of options. Stainless steel is a custom order only and generally costs twice that of its mild steel equivalent.

The addition of a welded, flat-wire stainless steel aventail to a helmet is $300.00.

Simple precursor to the bascinet. $425.00 in mild steel without an aventail or vervelles. As shown with aventail and vervelles, $750.00


Kettle Hat
The kettle hat features a removable grill and can be ordered with optional brass rivets. The helmet shown below in mild steel is $495.00.

Kettle HatKettle Hat

Center-Point/Back-Point Great Helm
Often referred to as a sugarloaf great helm. It is available with a center point with a straight face plate or a back point with an angled face plate. Shown with an upgraded brass cross and brass rivets. $495.00 in mild steel with a mild steel cross.

Back-Point Great HelmCenter-Point Great Helm

Crusader Helmet
The crusader helmet is available with flat or dished face plate, and with or without maille. Options can include brass cross and brass rivets. The mild steel helmet with the flat face and no aventail is $495.00. The mild steel helmet pictured with the brass cross and aventail is $795.00.

Flat-top Great HelmSalt-Shaker Great Helm

Rondell Elbows

Rondell Elbow


Simple Elbows or Knees

Simple Elbow

Elbows: $35.00/pair
Knees: $40.00/pair

Flaired Elbows

Simple Elbow

Elbows: $50.00/pair
Knees: $60.00/pair


All items are made to meet the requirements for use in the SCA. Please consult the armour standards for the Kingdom you live in for possible variations. SCA heavy combat is an aggressive game, we cannot be held responsible for possible injury.